On 10th of June 2016, Rick Astley the one who became famous at the end of the 1980s and had a reputation of the Internet meme ‘Rick Roll’ will release his new album. The record will be real singer’s gift, both for many fans and for himself. By the way, this year Rick Astley will celebrate its 10th anniversary, he called his new album – ’50’.
The release of the new Rick Astley’s album will take place only on 10 June, but some of the tracks we already know. Let us analyze them on the pages of our portal.

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Photo: www.rickastley.co.uk/

‘Keep singing’ is a good song of the Gospel style. In our view, this is a perfect start for any pop-rock singer (the song is on the top of the album track list). Rick Astley’s deep voice still makes girls’ hearts tremble. Moreover, the public reaction that we saw in the concerts this year is the best confirmation (a small UK tour took place this spring). ‘Keep singing’ is a lively blend of Rick Astley’s vocal, divine back vocals keeping with the best traditions and deep lyrics. The best example of this would probably be these phrases: ‘I’ll move a mountain, build a castle to keep you safe’ and ‘I’d be saved some sunny day, saved from throwing my life away’. Amazing!

‘Angels on my side’ – the song which took the second place in the track list. It is a very strong composition with bright and positive mood, both musically and in the lyrics. The tagline of this record may be the phrase from the song, which is repeated 8 times for 3 and a half minutes: ‘Everything will be all right’. Powerful uplifting drums set the rhythm throughout the song, and the last minute of the song gives the opportunity to the singer to improvise vocally on stage during live performances.

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Photo: www.rickastley.co.uk/

Now you can buy these two songs from Rick Astley’s new album “50” on iTunes:

And what would be the remaining 10 songs, we’ll know only on 10th June-the day of the official release.

Paul Nottage, Evgeniya Zakrevska