The song of light African rhythms lasts for 3 minutes 36 seconds. When you listening the entrance, you can immediately imagine the white sand beaches, sun, beautiful girls with cocktails. In our view, it is true that the finalists of the Series 12 of the TV show ‘X-Factor’ ‘Reggie ‘N’ Bollie’ determined that the first single will be exactly like that. The debut song always remember and follows to the team throughout their creative life. Catchy melody of the song ‘New Girl’ might will be the anthem of any of the competitions, e.g. FIFA World Cup in South Africa or the Summer Olympics in Africa (Once she’s gotta be held on the “black” continent?”.


It is also confident that this song will be a welcome guest in the playlists of radio stations in UK and Europe. According to the music and mood, the song “New Girl” is very similar to the singer from Jamaica OMI. Looking how the whole Europe is “Rock” under the songs “Cheerleader” and “Hola Hoop” can be seen that such a niche in music is still relatively free. And we wish the Duo Reggie ‘N’ Bollie freewheeling on the waves of the entertainment industry world.


(Release Date: 12 May, Simco Limited)

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The best line in the song:

‘We’ll light up the universe if you were my girl’

Paul Nottage, Evgeniya Zakrevska