Loïc Nottet became famous first in his motherland, in Belgium, due to his brilliant participation in the national version of The Voice show, and soon he became well known all over Europe. This time, the fourth place at Eurovision Song Contest contributed to his success. It was an excellent result for Belgium, achieved due to his image, charisma and, of course, due to the song “Rhythm Inside”, which, by the way, never made it into the track-list of the debut album.
Taking this step looks rather strange, as the potential audience of the album learnt about Loïc Nottet exactly because of the song “Rhythm Inside”, and as a result, listeners will never find this hit in the track list. The release itself was postponed several times for unknown reasons, but it can be assumed that Loïc Nottet wanted to give a 200% result.
And, most likely, he succeeded in it with the album “Selfocracy”, but this will be known to us later in iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Now a little about the musical material. The artist himself has an explosive manner of performing, sometimes changing into a scream. This is a peculiar feature, which is shown in 70% of songs from the album. However, you know, it might be due to this very manner of performance that Loïc Nottet appealed so much not only to listeners from Britain and western Europe, but also from the Eastern part of the mainland, that traditionally has different tastes than we do.
The album itself is phenomenally conceptual. Few artists today keep to a single idea while recording an LP.
The album “Selfocracy” is worth listening to at least for such powerful tracks as “Million Eyes” (undoubtedly, a hit single that became such long before the album release), “Poison” (feat. Shogun), “Cure”, and “Wolves” (feat. Raphaella). “Selfocracy” album is the first confident step on a long and thorny way of the talented artist!


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